Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

 Below are some commonly asked questions about Let’s Build Talent services for small businesses and job seekers.

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What does “talent strategy” mean?

A talent strategy is a comprehensive plan that defines short-term and long-term hiring needs and various ways to meet those needs. In addition to attracting talent, it can also focus on retaining talent and planning for any retirements (i.e. succession planning), which is common with an aging workforce.

Job seekers also need a comprehensive talent strategy that includes job search advice, cover letter writing, resume development, interveiw preparation, and virtual networking based on their career goals.

What types of businesses are your clients?

Let’s Build Talent works primarily with small businesses across various industries who have up to 100 employees.

Will you help me recruit candidates for upcoming openings?

Let’s Build Talent offers recruiting support to small businesses as part of our HR Support package. Recruiting support includes writing job posts, screening resumes, phone screens, and other related activities. Small businesses that need to hire high-level or executive-level positions should work with a dedicated recruiting firm. We can help select the best firm based on your business needs.

I am new to the workforce and have not interviewed for any professional jobs. Can you help?

Absolutely! We can identify the types of interview questions typically asked for specific jobs and coach you on the best answers based on your past experience and background. Let's Build Talent offers mock interviews and provides feedback so that you have a great interview.

My business needs a talent strategy AND human resources support. What does that cost?

Let’s Build Talent will develop a customized proposal based on your unique needs and budget. Let's talk soon! The 30-minute consultation is free.



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