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What types of businesses do you work with?

Let’s Build Talent works primarily with small businesses across various industries who have 25 employees or less. We will work with businesses of other sizes, too, if we feel that the fit is right, and we can make a difference in their talent acquisition processes.

Aren’t you just a typical recruiting agency? What makes Let’s Build Talent so special?

Great question! Let’s Build Talent is a boutique recruitment agency focused on identifying support-level professionals for small businesses, online entrepreneurs, and start-up companies. Talent acquisition takes time - and time is precious for any small business owner who often works 10 or 12 hour days. We make it simple and easy to find the best talent so that you can focus on your business and customers. 

What types of employees can you help me find?

Let’s Build Talent recruits traditional, W-2 employees that support business operations - executive assistants, sales representatives, social media coordinators, and accountants. We also identify outsourced professionals, like virtual assistants and other vendors who can help your business grow. Most VAs and other vendors are 1099 contractors that provide specialized services, such as project management, financial services, tech support and many others.

What is a Virtual Assistant? 

A virtual assistant is typically an outsourced, 1099 contractor that provides specialized services. Many small businesses outsource services like social media marketing, for example, because they are not ready to have a full-fledged marketing team - yet. Virtual assistants can be administrative assistants, project managers, graphic designers, and tech-gurus, too!

Do your Virtual Assistants live overseas? 

No. The virtual assistants that Achieve VA works with are all based in the United States or Canada. Working with U.S.-based virtual assistants cost more than working with someone located in the Philippines or elsewhere. But we feel the extra cost provides a better overall working relationship. 

My small business needs talent strategy AND talent acquisition. That sounds expensive!

Employees are the most valued asset to any business. Investing in finding the right employees is critical because turnover is expensive and not a good look for an up-and-coming business like yours. Let’s Build Talent works with you to best determine your overall needs and find a solution that meets those needs and your budget. 


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