Tips For Attracting Today’s Top Candidates


The job seeker of 2021 has changed. How do you, as an employer, appeal to the millennials and new workers of today? You have to realize what appeals to them. To find ways to make their jobs more meaningful, make a great impression from your first encounter, and show ways to advance and grow within your company.

Attract Top Applicants with the Company’s “Why”

It really does take more than just a paycheck to impress candidates of today. They want to know that what they do matters, that there is an impact on their community and/or the world. Your job is to make sure that the candidates understand the “why” as it will attract them to your company.

  1. Include a well-written Mission Statement of 50-100 words. Include what you do, for who, and how it impacts those you serve.
  2. State why your company chooses to do what they do.
  3. Explain the impact the company makes so they can see how they too can have an impact.

In one to two brief statements explain the company vision. A Vision Statement should define what your company believes and the goals they hope to attain.

  1. These statements should be front and center, not only for candidates but to all employees within your country
  2. Include it in your marketing, on letterhead, posters throughout the company, even on the uniforms your team wears. 
  3. Make sure that employees know how you value those beliefs and how you would like for them to do the same. 

Be sure that your potential candidates know your company’s vision, mission, and purpose statements before or when they begin the application process. This information may be critical in their decision about what company they may want to work with. Make sure they see yours as a top contender when they realize they can make more than a simple paycheck, that they can also make an impact if they choose you and your company.

Put Your Best Foot Forward with On-boarding

Once you’ve hired your new employee, it’s time to onboard them. Remember the old saying, “you only get one chance to make a good first impression.” Onboarding is the time to make that great first impression that leads to a happy and dedicated employee for years to come. 

  1. Take some time and set up a repeatable process. A great start is to have your new hire paperwork completed in advance of their first day. Whether that is online or with a scheduled in-person meeting, it will allow the first day to be all about getting them settled in. 
  2. Have their workstation set up with all the equipment they may need. A note from their co-workers, maybe with some company swag - a water bottle or t-shirt - to make them feel a part of the team. 
  3. Assign someone to introduce them to fellow teammates, show them around, explain their responsibilities, and be the go-to person if they have questions. 
  4. Make certain the new employees feel welcome and know you are glad they have chosen to join your team.

These are just a few of the ideas on how onboarding can create that great first impression. Let’s face it, it is worth the effort when you’ve invested time and resources to hire these employees, you want to keep them around.

Cross-boarding Helps You Land Great Applicants

New hires often are looking for opportunities to advance within a company. When you include cross-boarding as a way to fill open positions, you provide chances for team members to do just that. When you evaluate your current team members to take on the additional roles before beginning the recruiting process, this is called cross-boarding

HR managers often include the statement “and other duties as assigned” so they can ask existing employees to step up as necessary for additional work - and as you determine if you need to hire another person. Consider a current employee who is capable and could take on additional duties. So how do you attract new applicants with cross-boarding? Candidates often ask about opportunities for growth and career development during the interview process. Explain that as your business grows, opportunities to take on additional work, develop new roles, and mentor new staff will become available. Share the benefits with the employee. 

For example, a team member who takes on additional responsibilities will have an increase in salary, additional time off, or more scheduling flexibility. 

Mentorships and What They Offer Potential New Hires

Another wonderful benefit to explain to applicants is mentorships. When your company has a mentorship program in place it indicates to the applicant your commitment to employee growth and engagement. 

Mentorship programs have changed through the years and now benefit both the mentors and the mentees. Here are just a few benefits that you could share with candidates during the interview process.

  1. When paired with a mentor, the mentee can receive career guidance, and motivation, amongst other things. The mentor will show the mentee what options are available to advance within the company and encourage them to seek new opportunities.
  2. These mentor/mentee relationships help build diversity and inclusion within the team, which is good for morale. Knowing that all members of the team are accepted and understood makes for a positive working environment. 
  3. The mentorship relationships will be seen by others to be creating team members who are happy, satisfied, and engaged with their job. 


As you are working through the recruiting process, be sure to include these four things in your discussion. When applicants see that your company is actively working to create and live up to a mission and that you strive to provide advancement and job satisfaction to your team, you will be top of their list of employers they want to work for. Not only will they want to work for you, but they will also be more inclined to remain with you for the long term rather than look elsewhere. 

Are you ready to add any of these ideas to your business’s talent strategy? To find out how these solutions could apply to you, schedule a free 30-minute call with Let’s Build Talent


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