Calling All Virtual Assistants!

Are you new to the VA world and want to partner with a VA agency?

Do you offer unique skill sets that save small business owners time ?

How do you connect to those small business owners?

Partner with Achieve Virtual Assistants!
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        Achieve Virtual Assistants is a division of           Let's Build Talent

An HR Consulting and Recruiting Firm Founded in 2019 that Specializes in Helping Small Businesses Identify the Talent they Need to Continue to Grow and Be Successful.

We find skilled VAs for growing small businesses and online entrepreneurs. Your valued skill sets save these busy professionals time and money, allowing them to focus on serving their customers while all the time-consuming support is handled by you! 

As a Virtual Assistant, you know that the most important work in any business goes on behind the scenes. 

VAs everywhere: 

  • build and grow a business’ online presence through social media and email marketing.
  • develop engaging content - from graphic designs to blog posts, sales pages, and captions.
  • design and build websites, and ensure all the intricate systems that make a business move forward avoid crashes and error messages. 
  • manage the numbers, pay the bills, send invoices - ensuring money is in the bank.
  • organize email and calendar appointments, and generally take care of all the rest! 
AVA Woman on a laptop

So, while you are busy focusing on OPB - other people’s businesses - how can you make sure that you have another project lined up when this one ends? 

Or, are you new to the VA world - with amazing skills to share with the business community - but no one knows about you just yet? 

Maybe you have established yourself as a great VA, but are not quite ready to navigate the marketing waters of your own business. 

Does any of this ring true? If so, partner with Achieve Virtual Assistants!

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We are currently accepting VAs into our candidate pool for the following areas:

  • General Administrative Support
  • Bookkeeping
  • Social Media
  • Content Writers
  • Website Designers / Developers
  • Technical Gurus (apps and integration, eCommerce, etc.)

Achieve Virtual Assistants works with VAs based in the United States and Canada. Once an application is received, it will be reviewed and a team member may connect via email or by phone. Completed applications do not guarantee placement with our employer partners. 


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